Not unlike the odds being in favor of the person with an impressive business card as opposed to a competitor with a plain one, it doesn’t really matter how good the design is unless it gets in the hands of those that will actually take action on it.

Your website is no different. Having a beautiful, fully responsive website is very important, but it is only going to translate into sales if the right people actually see it. People who are actively looking for the goods or services you provide, and more importantly, are ready to buy.

Ranking well in Google organically is great if you can manage it. There are specific protocols we follow to increase those chances for you, but there simply are no lasting guarantees of this as Google frequently changes their ranking algorithms to prevent unscrupulous developers from taking advantage of rankings.

For this reason, creating an amazing website is just part of the story. In addition to being developers with decades of experience, we're also Google partners with certifications in Google and Bing Ads as well as Google Analytics. What does this mean to you? We are professionals in getting you real-world results in your marketing efforts. We not only bring great ROI results on your marketing efforts, we can also stringently track behaviors of visitors to your site. If there is a weak point where conversions are not being made, we find it, identify it, and fix it. It's our goal that for every marketing dollar you spend we try and make you two. Is this possible 100% of the time? Obviously not, however, we are not doing our job if we are not making you some percentage of profit on your marketing investment with Google and Bing on a monthly basis. In short, consider us that lucky friend you take to Vegas who can tell you exactly which slot machine to play to get a big payoff. Every time.

We manage your ad campaigns and resulting site analytics so that we get search returns at the top of search engines as well as the Google network of sites. These ads are presented to highly targeted viable buyers of your goods or services. This service is hands-free for our clients as we manage it in its entirety providing them with highly detailed monthly reports on all the efforts and adjustments made. Our fees are monthly and you can cancel at any time. We see this as the only fair means of providing this service. If we can’t back our claims, you can cancel the service, no questions asked.

If you truly want to make your investment in your new site pay off, let Rogue One manage your online marketing efforts on the Google and Bing ad networks and see actual ROI occur every month.